Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Can You Control?

I was just thinking about this very question the other day. What can I actually control? And then low and behold, my friend Kelli Dewispelare from Sweat Cycle Soul said the intention out loud! And it was exactly what I had been thinking. We cannot control what happens in the entire world around us. But we can control what happens in our own life.

Some people might challenge that idea and say that its not true. That we can't control whether we find a job or lose a job, or find love or lose love, or have children or not have children, and so forth.

And while we can't control all circumstances and situations, here are some things we can control...

We can control how we respond to life, to our circumstances and the people around us.
We can control whether we think of the glass being half full or half empty.
We can control whether we stay in a job or leave and pursue a different career.
We can control whether we spend money we don't have or live within our means.
We can control how we spend our time each day, watching TV or expanding our minds.
We can control whether we live in a hot climate or a cold climate.
We can control our decision to stay in a marriage or not stay in a marriage.
We can control whether we work on a relationship or give up on a relationship.
We can control our attitude being grateful for what we have or envious of what we don't.
We can control whether we serve others or wallow in our own selfishness.
We can control whether we get off the couch to exercise or complain about poor health.
We can control whether we eat nourishing food or empty calories of junk food.
We can control whether we set a good example for our children, or model poor behavior.

I look back at this list and will admit that I personally have a lot of areas over which I have control that I don't always make good choices. But just reviewing this list helps me to feel empowered! We have a lot more control over our world that we think we do!

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

For me, I'm going to personally pledge to do a better job with the last three items on the list. I've been gathering up a few pounds here and there and not taking the time to take care of myself through exercise and proper eating.  The interesting thing about that is that of anything on this list, it's the two things that I have the most control over!!! Nobody is shoving cookies down my throat and telling me I'm not allowed to go for a jog!  I am fully in control over those choices. And if I can regain proper balance in this area, I am most certainly setting a good example for my children. And I am most surely going to see a ripple effect of improvement in other areas of my life!

So stay'll be seeing more focus on "healthy living" as a part of 63 Days of Faith Love Time!

Love and Prayers,

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