Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are 'Self Help' Books Worth the Money?

I was just having a conversation this evening with a young woman in corporate America. She reminded me a lot of myself 10-15 years ago. Hard working, type-A, full of promise and energy.  I still believe I'm all those things, but with a greater appreciation for having purpose that accompanies all that hard-work.  We were talking about inspirational books to read.  I had been reflecting recently on the fact that I've read more books in the past five years than I have in all the previous adult years of my life. And they haven't been Harlequin Romance novels!

In fact I recall some years back joking with business colleagues about how "self-help" books were only for mentally unstable, insecure people who had low self-esteem. "Those books" weren't for successful people who know where they are going in their career. Funny, how little I knew then!

I recently had a friend comment when I told her I read daily. She said, "Reading! When in the world do you find the time to read a book?"

My answer was "I make the time because I feel it grounds me and keeps me focused and growing."

What have I learned from all these books? How to believe in myself, let go of past mistakes, open my mind to new possibilities, dream, plan, organize, write goals, create vision, strengthen my faith, run a business, be an entrepreneuer, have persistence, network, live with purpose, eat healthier, love, teach my children, be a better wife and mother, think abundantly, live fearlessly, inspire others, and live each day to the fullest.

Why do I keep reading daily? So I can learn to do all these things consistently better and become the best version of myself possible. These books have helped me discover that when I thought I knew where I was headed, maybe I really didn't know where I was going at all!

And from the oldest and best book of all time, here is what I've learned:

Why do the schools reinforce reading so much? It's the best way to continually grow and expand your mind for the rest of your life! What are you reading right now?

Love and Prayers,

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