Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love the Life You Live

I know I'm not alone. There are times of great inspiration. And then there are times when its hard to feel inspired. I decided not to put pressure on myself to blog every single day during this 63 day run, but rather to look at the 63 day block as a whole and find meaningful inspiration to guide transformation throughout a 63 day calendar journey. As a result of cutting myself some slack, I've been slacking on my daily "thinking" about what to write about! Call it a writer's block, I guess. Not something I have often as I love to write and the words generally flow.

So, what to do when you're stuck? I find that looking to other people for sources of inspiration is the best answer.  I pulled out a book called Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back, written by Sourena Vasseghi. Mr Vasseghi was born with severe cerebral palsy which robbed him of muscle control and the ability to speak clearly. He is in a wheelchair. Yet, he has become a speaker, life coach, and author with a passion to inspire other people. I was inspired by his book when I originally read it, and decided to pull it out tonight to revisit some of the highlighted passages.

My favorite quote from the book :
"There's a party going on all the time, and it's called life." 
Sourena's philosophy is that if you love your life enough, it will eventually love you back.  And he believes that true talent is fully loving your life when nothing is going well. Wow! That's an inspiring way to live and think.

A friend once gave me a keychain (which I still carry) that said "Love the Life You Live" and on the other side "Live the Life You Love".  I remember when she gave it to me secretly thinking to myself "Ya right." That was many years ago, and I've gotten past that way of thinking.

Sourena suggests falling passionately in love with your life by doing the following:
"To fall passionately in love with your life, think like someone who's in that passionate, overwhelming state of being in love. You'll see how they exude these characteristics.
  • They have the courage to dream.
  • They accept the ones they love exactly the way they are.
  • They depend on people for support.
  • And, most importantly, they do anything to win the other person's love."

Sourena Vasseghi fell in love with his own life despite his physical challenges and is an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can't do the same!

What can you decide to do to fall in love with your life?

Love and Prayers,

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