Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seasons of Struggle

One of my favorite motivational speakers and mentors is Keith Kochner. (check out I was sorting through a pile of papers and discovered a small sheet of hand-written notes from a webinar I attended that Keith had led.  The note page was labeled "How to Deal with Seasons of Struggle". Keith offers:
Seven S's of Surviving your Season of Struggle:
1. See through your Struggle
2. Stand in your Struggle (rely on the memory of other struggles you've had and conquered)
3. Stay Focused--Focus is the fuel of desire and desire is the fuel of discipline.
4. Starve the relationships that are not part of forward progress
5. Speak life over circumstances, have conversations that reveal expectations
6. Serve someone else's season of struggle
7. Support--Be willing to ask for it!

Keith also suggests that successful people bring attention to things. Unsuccessful people let things get their attention. Choose where your attention goes.

You might be having a struggle today, or you might be in a season of struggle. Whatever your situation, I hope that you read this blog and realize that everyone's life is as messy as yours. We all have seasons of struggle from time to time that we must overcome. I appreciate mentors like Keith sharing their own personal seasons of struggle and offering suggestions on how to get over them and thrive!

Love and Prayers,

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