Sunday, September 1, 2013

Creating a Vision for Your Life

I recently created a new plan with goals, with deadlines and activities attached to them. I wrote about it in the recent blog Goal Setting in August.  I wrote goals and why they were important. And I created timeframes and activities. I just read an amazing book called Mach II With Your Hair on FIRE by Richard Bliss Brooke. The book focuses on crafting a new Vision for what you want your life to be, almost as though you are writing a film script with specific clarity, detail and the intent to create emotions. This book points out that our minds are constantly replaying "images" in our heads. Old movie reels of past events (often negative memories) that don't serve us. Or our minds are conjuring up images of future negative events based on worry or fear.  The premise of this book is that if you gain control of the "visions" in your mind of your future and create positive visions, your mind will believe them.

"The 'secret' to change and reinvention (really the secret to success) is that the most powerful part of YOU--the most powerful being on this planet--cannot tell the difference between a real experience (the truth) and an experience that has been vividly imagined.  When the most powerful collection of molecules in the universe cannot tell the difference between what we call The Truth and an Imagined Truth ... well then the Imagined Truth can become The Truth, which makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy."

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I'm following the plan in the book that Richard lays out to create a powerful new "film script" for your life. I'll be sharing more about this over the next couple days as I create my own. I invite you to join me! The goal is to identify your Authentic Values, your Gifts and what you feel might be the Theme of Your Life. You write a story of what you want your life to become, in real-life technicolor!

"Success comes through us before it comes to us. Your greatest leverage to a new life is to shift who you are; your habits, your character traits, your beliefs about you and other people. You were not born with any of these 'qualities.' You adopted them and you can replace them at will any time you choose."
This goes hand in hand with my blog titled The Power Lies Within You.  I often refer to the expression "what you think about you bring about."  Isn't it true that we can become our own self-fulfilling prophesy, when we focus our energy thinking and worrying about all the things in our life we "don't" want. So, it only makes sense that we make some stuff up in our heads that could be a positive self-fulfilling prophesy. And what if...what if it comes true!

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