Thursday, October 3, 2013

Faith in a Glass House

I don't have dreams often in which I wake up and typically don't remember my dreams. So, when I do have a dream that wakes me up at night, I figure there's an important message being sent to me through that dream. The other night I woke up at about 4am after dreaming that my husband and I were caught in a flash flood.

One of our favorite places to visit is Estes Park, Colorado.  You drive through the Big Thompson Canyon to get to Estes Park, and you're surrounded by rock walls on all sides. The road basically winds up the canyon along side the mountain stream until you arrive at this majestic view of the Rocky Mountains. Within the past few weeks a flood swept through the canyon and wiped out major portions of the road along with many homes and cabins along the way.

In the dream, my husband and I were traversing down the post-flooded river bed on an all-terrain vehicle. The flood had passed and it seemed to be safe. We came upon a glass house nestled in the middle of the river bed that was amazingly untouched.  The next part of the dream was me being inside the glass house. There were other people in the glass house with me. And suddenly someone screamed "flash flood". Another unexpected flood was happening. I stood and turned around and saw this enormous wave rolling down the canyon toward the house. People were scattering in every direction. Running. Trying to escape. My instinct was to do the same. After all we were standing in a house made mostly of glass. Surely this wave would shatter this house into pieces. I was scared. Where was my husband? Where would we go? Was there time to get out? How would we find our way down the canyon? Or would we be swept away by the water?

There was a kind man standing near me. I felt a sense of wisdom from him, as if he would know what to do. For some reason, he wasn't panicking. He remained calm and still. The wave seemed to be suspended in it's motion, while I wrestled with what to do. I turned to the man and asked, "What do we do?"

The man said to me, "Stay here. You'll be safe here."

I questioned him about how we could be safe in this glass house. How could that be? Yet he remained calm, not moving. I felt compelled to run like the others, but something was keeping me there.

The dream went fuzzy at this point. I started to wake up. That moment where you start to wake and come out of a dream that seemed so real that you have to wonder if it really was. But then I remember a message coming to me almost immediately. And I heard the man say "This is a house of faith. No matter how unbelievable the situation may seem, if you remain in this house of faith, you will be safe."

As I lie there wondering what this dream meant, that was it!  That was the message in this dream! Stay in Faith! Stay in Faith! Do not try to escape the challenges of life, rather stay in faith! Do not try to venture off on your own! Stay in Faith! Even when the glass house feels as though its coming down, Stay in Faith!

What's going on outside your glass house that has you running in fear or anxiety? Stay in Faith!

Love and Prayers,

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