Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Power Lies Within You

I've blogged daily now for 53 consecutive days and enjoyed every minute of it! The goal is 63...63 days of Faith, Love, Time.  I set off on this journey with an expectation to focus on the ingredients of creating transformation. Through this journey, I've realized what I already knew. External factors are not responsible for creating transformation in our lives. The power we possess from within is what creates transformation.

Have you ever signed up to attend a motivational seminar, bought a book, joined a fitness club, hired a financial planner or marriage counselor, or anything of the sort with the expectation that "this" would be the answer? Perhaps you were thinking this will change my life, business, finances, health, marriage, (or anything else in your life you are trying to "fix")! Of course, we've all been there. I've thought many times, that book has the secret answer for me. That exercise program is going to give me the easy answer to losing 10 pounds. That conference will get me motivated to grow my business. That mentor, coach, or leader is going to lead me to success. If I hang around that person, I will be successful.   In fact some of you may be following this 63-day blog and thinking Sondra is going to give me the secret answer to transform my life.

The truth is that I've searched long and hard and even spent a lot of money seeking the "external" influences that will give me the results I dream of having in my life. The one awareness I've discovered over this past couple months is that there is no answer in the external universe. Every answer I'm looking for lies within me. God has given me the gifts, talents, wisdom, and power I need to create everything I want in my life.

And you have everything you need as well.  Stop looking outside and start looking within.

Love and Prayers,

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