Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why 63 Days?

Welcome to the first of 63 days of consecutive posts about Faith, Love, Time! In my recently published book, Miracle of Belief, I describe the miraculous healing of my six-year-old daughter. After experiencing a stroke during a heart surgery, my family and I were witness to a miracle. The prognosis for her recovery was completely unknown and after waking up from her coma, she was unable to even hold up her head. 

We poured our love and positive energy into her healing. In the course of 63 days, I watched this tough little girl fight hard to regain her ability to sit, talk, eat, walk, and be a little kid again! 63 days! It was the length of her summer vacation from school! She relearned everything it had taken her 6 years to learn in the course of 63 days! That number has become a magical number to me, because it was the length of time she was hospitalized and we kept a bedside vigil with her.

This period of time was a complete "awakening" for me and for my family. We learned what was truly priority in life and somehow we learned how to cope and heal and support each other.  As I was writing Miracle of Belief, I realized the true strength we drew upon during that time. Of all the life lessons we learned and the strategies we deployed to cope, I've been able to really boil it down to three simple ingredients...Faith...Love...Time.  I also realized that much of my own personal "awakening" was because I was reading, praying, and journaling "daily". The signs were popping up all over the place about what God's plan was for my daughter, for me, and for my family. I accepted that God was in control and not me.

I've often wondered, if my daughter could accomplish all that she accomplished during that brief period of time, what could I accomplish during that same period of time? It required hard work, sacrifice, pain, exhaustion, determination, tenacity, positive encouragement, and belief.  But most of all it required faith, love, and time!

This journal will be my own 63-day walk to focus on faith, love, and time to discover what God will reveal to me as the next stage of my life. I invite you to join me on the adventure and discover your own "miracles" along the way!

The photo below is the "Tower of Terror" slide at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  I almost passed out trying to muster my fear of going down this slide. In fact, I feel my heart starting to race at this moment as I recall it! Ironically, my daughter that overcame the stroke, zipped down the slide like it was no big deal! Another lesson to be learned from her!

Let's conquer the "Tower of Terror" together by taking a "Leap of Faith"!  

Love & Prayers,


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