Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This morning when I woke up the first word that popped into my head was "focus". I'm not sure if I was dreaming about it? Maybe it was God's message to me that I needed to work on that area. Interestingly as the day went on I had several other messages about "focus" that came popping up!

In my morning reading, I read about how God has good things in store. "He'll make your wrongs right. Start focusing on your possibilities. Let hope fill your heart."  There was that word "focus."

I popped into Facebook this morning. A friend had posted this quote:
"To conquer frustration, one must intensely FOCUS on the outcome, not the obstacles." TF Hodge
There was that word "Focus" again. I went about my day and kept thinking about this. I've had a lot of exciting things happen in my world lately. And there there are some challenging things going on as well. A mentor recently suggested to me that I was a little in A.D.D. mode. She was right. I've been juggling a lot. And with the kids out of school, it's hard to ever really focus on one single thing at one time. While I'm working on a project or tending to a task, part of me is always thinking about what they are doing in the other room or if I need to check in with them at the neighbor's house.

And then this quote from a favorite author and motivational speaker, Shad Helmstetter,  rolled across my screen:
"Today I have focus. When I want to reach a goal, I practice the habit of putting all of my attention and energy on one thing at a time. Because I have focus, my thinking is sharp, I see my goal clearly, I stay on target, I take action, and I get it done!" 
Well, yes, of course that makes total sense. Focus on one thing at a time. I have always prided myself on being a great "multi-tasker". In fact I've been known to tell people that I feel I'm at my best when I'm overloaded and have a lot going on! Or at least I used to tell myself that!

And then the next quote rolls across my screen from Shad:

"While everyone around you is spending every day 'multitasking' on everything, try 'focusing' intently on just one thing at a time--without multitasking. At the end of the week, see who has gotten more done, has done a better job, and has more peace of mind."

Now I'm thinking to myself, Wow, Shad must be reading my mind! It became clear to me that these subtle messages prodding me to "focus" were more than just coincidences and I really need to clear my mind and pay attention to this message. I began to think about the pledge I had made in January. I had read a really cool little book about picking "One Word" as your theme for the year that would sum up all your goals into one really simple word. My word I chose was "focus". This is how I defined the outcomes I wanted to get from "focus" as a theme:

Family:  FOCUS on Being Present
Others: FOCUS on Others more than myself
Connections: FOCUS on helping others connect with their dreams
Utopia: FOCUS on happiness through health and spirituality
Sponsoring: FOCUS on sponsoring (which is related to business growth)

Hmm, I contemplated this list. I thought about what I have focused my time and energy on that has produced results. Amazingly, I realized that the areas of my life that I really applied diligent focus have produced "amazing" results. And I am passionately connected to everything I am doing (mostly). However, I also realized there have been some areas of my life that I really want to see improve, that I have not been doing my best to apply "focus". I started to ask myself why? I realized that some of it comes down to priority and how I'm choosing to spend my time. Some of it is about timing and what has demanded my attention. And then could it again be that there are some hidden doubts causing some procrastination to set in? And then there was this from my friend, Shad:

"The moment I begin to doubt, I think about the best outcome. The moment I fear, I feel the real strength I have within me. And the moment I think I'm not enough, I remember that with my faith and my undying belief, I am greater than anything that could come against me." 

This tied it all together! Starting with my friends post about conquering frustration by focusing on the desired outcome and now Shad's message about thinking about the best outcome and most importantly drawing upon "faith".

One thing at a time...think about the best outcome...acknowledge the strength within...with faith I am greater than any obstacle.

Love and Prayers,

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