Friday, July 19, 2013

De-clutter and Simplify Your Life!

I was up early today, with my daily routine of reading and praying.  I woke up thinking I needed to "de-clutter" and ironically I came across an article this morning during my reading that was about just that!  It was a life coach talking about how our minds become cluttered. She was so bold as to make this statement:
"Clutter accumulates because of negative and self-defeating theories you hold about yourself that you've come to believe are true." ~ Laurie Gerber
Ouch! That's pretty harsh. She frames "clutter" as broadly as worrying, arguing, gossiping, overscheduling, overeating, debt, being overwhelmed by paperwork, or feeling like a victim and having pity parties for yourself.

So, today I'm "de-cluttering"!!!  I find that when I'm disorganized and my environment feels chaotic, I get distracted more easily!  With all the opportunities with my charity, Heart Heroes and the book and all the projects going on, my office has been a disaster. Instead of using file cabinets & folders I have piles of paper and projects in bags tucked under my desk.  

This is not "me"!!!.................

Additionally, I have a mountain of mail and paperwork sitting in the kitchen. And a mountain of clothes piled in the basement that need to go to consignment store and then Goodwill! And I have some things set aside to advertise and sell.  These things have all been on my "procrastination" list and weighing on my mind. Again, this is not "me"! I am organized!

I decided to take today to get reorganized and do these projects and clear some clutter physically and mentally!!!  This could be perceived as resistance or procrastination. But honestly, it feels good.  And I think it's the "clearing and cutting" I need to do to free my mind. I've decided I need to set the "reset" button. There's 3 weeks left of summer before school starts. I want to be productive and also do some fun things with the girls the next 3 weeks. So I'm going to set myself up for some success! 

This morning I tackled my office and everything is now in drawers! I also did some clearing and cutting of "old" piles of paper stacked in my office. This afternoon I'm tackling the stack in the kitchen and loading the back of my car with the clothes to drop off tomorrow!

Ah....organization! A "happy place"!

And finally….reset button on eating healthy, sleep, exercise!  ...That comes next week!

Laurie Gerber also says that we tolerate clutter in our lives because it distracts us from the important things and possibilities that scare us more. We unconsciously create and hold on to life clutter as a barrier to facing our bigger fears. It becomes a justification for why we can't take on new challenges and evolutions -- because, look we are already overwhelmed.  She says lies and lack of communication are what really clutter up a person's life. Honesty allows us to learn who we really are, and that knowledge motivates us to change our lives. So know your truth, and tell it. Honesty is at the root of all personal change.

I love the "cleansing feeling" of de-cluttering! My morning Joel Osteen devotions have recently talked about "being a crystal clear stream". and that's the best way to describe the outcome of the hard work of de-cluttering one's life!

Love and Prayers,

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