Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life Doesn't Need to Be Hard

At a young age, my life motto became "Adversity is the source of my strength." In fact for many years I had a fortune cookie with this expression taped to my keyboard on my laptop computer. I saw it everyday and it became embedded in my mind. I have prided myself on being able to overcome adversity and draw upon inner strength. It also led me to independence on myself at times in my life, instead of dependence on God.

It has only been recently that I discovered that perhaps that motto was no longer serving me. Perhaps I had created an environment where I was constantly searching for adversity in order to feel strong, worthy, and rewarded.  Do you know anyone who is constantly having drama? One bad situation after another? Is it possible that sometimes we are bringing those circumstances on ourselves based on the energy we are creating?

Today, I'm sharing some passages from a little book called The Power, by Rhonda Byrne, who is also the author of The Secret. In the event that you've convinced yourself, like I sometimes do, that life is hard or that accomplishing a goal seems impossible, this is for you (and for me)...

You were not born to struggle. You were not born to live a life where the moments of joy are few and far between. You were not born to toil in your work five days a week, with fleeting moments of happiness on weekends. You were not born to live with limited energy, feeling exhausted at the end of each day. You were not born to worry or be afraid. You were not born to suffer. What would be the point of your life? You are meant to experience life to its fullest and have everything you want and, at the same time, be filled with joy, health, vitality, excitement, and love, because that is an amazing life!

And now here's something very powerful to think about!

The life of your dreams, everything you would love to be, do, have, has always been closer to you than you knew, because the power to everything you want is inside you!
Yes, YOU have the power to do whatever it is you want to accomplish!

Love and Prayers


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