Sunday, August 25, 2013

What is Your Purpose?

Well, it's very interesting how God sends us messages. I got up to go to church this morning and nobody else was really wanting to go, so I said "Ok, I'm going and whoever comes with me can come with me." And so we went.  It was actually an inspiring service and I'm so glad I went. The topic for today was "What is Your Purpose?" Pastor April (whom I credit the inspiration for this blog post) gave a very interesting talk about Goals, Purpose, Destiny.  Right up my alley!!!

I have to be honest, when we left for church I was feeling a little sad. I was reflecting on an amazing opportunity that has presented itself and debating about whether the timing is right to entertain it. So, April's talk today was perfect timing. She showed a video of people being asked "what is your purpose"?  

Most people said  things like "I don't know", "I'm scared to find out", "I wish I knew", "I don't think about it, I just try to get by each day.", "It's about being successful in my job and making money".   I felt blessed to know that I really feel like I get my purpose. I really feel that I'm not working for the sake of working and getting by. I'm working toward a greater purpose. I get that it's bigger than me. 

A friend sent me this quote today from Zig Ziglar who said:
"I've met people all through my life who had passion of a sort. But because their passion wasn't fueled by purpose, it would come and go in bits and pieces. They were trying to generate their passion out of their own energy day after day, something that's ultimately unsustainable. Scientists have yet to invent the world's first perpetual-motion machine--everything runs out of gas eventually, including human beings trying to maximize their peak performance day after day. I believe this can help motivate you to connect the dots in life, little by little. The end result will be a picture of beauty, purpose and fulfillment--a life you can't wait to live."
I know that I am blessed and honored to be on this journey of life with purpose! What is your purpose? What will it take for you to discover it? What will it take for you to pursue it?

Love and Prayers,

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