Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't Sell Yourself Short

We've all heard that women are paid significantly less than men, generally speaking. I heard on the morning news that a new study confirms that even the highest paid women in top-ranking positions of large corporations are paid less.  It was surprising even to the reporter who expected that the gap would be less at the top executive levels, but in fact, it was the same. The study revealed that when women are given prestigious positions, they feel the title and position alone is enough reward. They are paid less than men because they don't generally "negotiate" for more, for fear that the opportunity may be taken away or that they will be viewed as being ungrateful. While men, as a matter of nature, generally always negotiate for more pay.

Subsequently, I had three separate conversations today with smart, talented women in which we were discussing whether we were "worthy" of charging substantial fees for the value we bring to the table. This issue of "self-worth" kept coming to the surface.  We would nod and acknowledge that it's a "female thing"!!

I reflected on these various conversations today and came to a conclusion represented nicely by the following quote:
"When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it. ~ Mark Victor Hansen

It is a really relevant statement. We must first value ourselves in order to expect others to value us. Experience, knowledge, wisdom, unique skills; these are all things of value that we may possess that another does not. It's why teachers, doctors, and lawyers get paid. They are sharing their knowledge. So whatever your expertise or trade may be, if it's something that another can gain from you that they couldn't otherwise gain themselves, it has value. And fair compensation is based on exchange for value.

Ladies, let's all work on "valuing" ourselves and each other more and asking for what we want without feeling embarrassed about it! And let's stop comparing our paycheck and our worth to our male counterparts. God designed us to look and feel and act differently. It was by design.

Love and Prayers,

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