Monday, August 19, 2013

Are You Driving the Bus?

Are you driving the bus? Or is the bus driving you?  Are you driving your life, your schedule, your priorities? Are you a slave to your email, phone, office, Facebook? Do you find yourself saying "I'm overwhelmed" or "I wish I had more hours in the day?"

My husband and kids have begun to comment often to me on how I'm always checking something on my phone. I'll admit that I've become a slave to my iPhone. It is truly addictive! That lovely little "bling" you hear notifying you that a message has arrived. The curiosity is just too great to not check it immediately! I was just having a conversation the other day about how the use of technology can create so many daily distractions that it's almost feeding the onset of adult ADD.  Then I saw an article that said that the iPhone could be used to help manage adult ADD!  I love my iPhone, but checking it compulsively is not using it as a good organizational tool. And it makes me really think about what I'm teaching my children.

Here's a question.  Is it any different when you sit down to your computer or laptop? There's Facebook (and in my case I have 5 different Facebook Pages that I manage as an Admin). There's email (often multiple email addresses for many people). There's Twitter (which I don't use much...there's hope for me yet!). There's LinkedIn. Blogs. Groupon. Online newsletters. Pinterest. The list goes on with many other apps and communities to check!

Have you ever been asked by someone, "why didn't you respond to my email?" or "Are you coming to my party tomorrow? I invited you on Facebook." The challenge to stay "plugged in" and "tuned in" can be distracting at best and a huge drain on our time, energy, and focus.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed." ~Mohandas Gandhi
Here's one think for certain. If your friends become accustomed to you consistently responding to a text message or email message within split seconds of them sending it, you've set an expectation. When you don't respond they start to worry or wonder or call!  I've realized that I have set no boundaries around my access or time with regard to technology.  So, beginning today I am venturing into a 7-day, 2-A-Day Challenge! I've put my friends on alert that I'll be checking and responding to email twice per day. And if there is something urgent, they will need to call me! I've created a daily schedule of what I plan to focus and I'm keeping a journal of how I actually use my time.

I've decided I need to me in the drivers seat, with my bus headed in the right direction! Get in your bus and follow me!

Love and Prayers!

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