Sunday, August 11, 2013

Be the Church

This morning in church our pastor spoke to us about not just "going" to church, but how to "be the church".  I thought about how I haven't been too faithful this summer with going to church, and how I may not always volunteer to teach Sunday school or help with church functions.  I was feeling guilty that I haven't brought items for more potluck functions.

And then I realized that I am doing God's will in other ways. I have given selflessly and passionately to the people and causes that I feel I've been called to do.

Interestingly, during the most difficult experience of my life, I wasn't in a position to attend church. I was spending my time at a hospital helping my daughter heal. I still made time to informally visit the hospital chapel. I prayed daily. I read scripture daily. I believed with all my heart and soul. And my faith grew stronger than it ever had in my life.

As  result, I now share my story and my faith in the way that I know how to do that.

What experiences have you had in which you learned great lessons or your faith was strengthened? Are you reaching out a hand to someone who might be going through a similar struggle. Are you sharing the wisdom of your faith? To me that is what I call "being the church".

Love and Prayers,

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  1. I specifically need this quote today. thank you for sharing it. "He's Got This!" and I have to remember that! I TRUST Him completely!