Thursday, August 15, 2013

There Once Was a Rock

I came across this passage today that I had written a couple years ago.

There once was a rock…

On which I stood.  A solid pedestal upon which I had solid footing.  No one could knock me off if they tried.  The waves crashed around me and I stood sturdy.  So long I remained on that solid perch, confident and secure.  Yet always wondering what existed beyond the rock. What wondrous adventures could I seek out there? Unchartered waters and meaningful destinations? How dare I be bold and step out from this rock!  And yet I did just that.  The sands beneath my feet are now shifting and unsteady.  I struggle to find my way back to the rock of refuge.  Tides come and tides go, and that rock remains. The rock which is my core. Strong, bold, brave, courageous, and confident.

I had written this to signify the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone into new experiences, and then feeling unsure, uncertain, and scared (the sands beneath my feet are shifting and unsteady).  And then I came across this poem called Advice From the Ocean and I thought the two went together very well!

I hope you enjoyed some perspective on what it means to get out of your comfort zone, trust yourself, make some waves, and trust that it will all work out!

Love and Prayers,

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