Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Flower and The Rain Cloud

I had this vision this morning that I shared with a couple friends.  It was inspired by my Blog from yesterday, The World is Watching and God is Smiling. I woke up this morning with the following picture in my head. To illustrate the image that was going on in my mind, I asked for help from my 7-year old daughter to draw it for me!

It's a picture of a little sunflower watching a field of happy little sunflowers under a rain cloud. The cloud is just showering them all with it's glory.  There is just a flood of goodness pouring out of the sky onto them. The happy little sunflower looks at them and thinks to itself... I need that cloud to move over here--I need some of that refreshing rain and the prosperity of growth that will come along with it.  How do I get that rain cloud to move from there to here?  

The picture below illustrates the visual I had in my mind, that the cloud of prosperity moves over to the sunflower and showers it with its goodness.

This is an analogy for me of different areas of my life. I feel bountiful goodness in some areas of my life and in other areas I'm striving to figure out how to make the same prosperous good things happen. You may look at this analogy and be able to relate it to areas of your life where you feel imbalance.  Maybe your career or finances are in tip-top shape, but your home life, relationships or health are not prospering. Or vice versa.  

This analogy inspired me. I was thinking hard about this, trying to analyze what was happening in those prosperous areas of my life that I could emulate to create prosperity in other areas of my life.  I thought I had it all figured out. I was proudly sharing this analogy with a friend.  And then she challenged me to think about this a completely different way.

What if rather than waiting, praying, and hoping for the rain cloud to come shower the sunflower with goodness, I were to dig it up and move it under the rain cloud! THAT was an idea that had not even entered my mind. This presented a major aha moment for me!

Stop waiting for the cloud of prosperity to come! Instead, plant the sunflower where you know it will get rain!

What are you doing in your life that resembles the sunflower waiting for prosperity or goodness to come its way?! What would happen if you stopped waiting and took action to move the sunflower!  What if you were to move toward God, toward your faith instead of waiting for God to come to you?

Love and Prayers,

Art and illustration by Nicole


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Awesome Illustrator!! I think we will have her Illustrate for Miracle Heart Books :)

  2. Such good points!! Thank you for your moving words! XOXO